Xxxnyani Posts 3706These are all good answers but as usual the simplest is the best. LAGun makes the best point in that your maintenance habits will be the critical factor. Instead of rust I will use the term corrosion as rust is just one of many forms of corrosion that guns may experience.Blued steel is protected. That is what bluing does for the finish and is a pretty damn good environmental barrier if not compromised scratched. Stainless has become a catchall phrase for a group of steels that usually have higher concentrations of chromium in the alloy. The true corrosion resistant stainless alloys CRES are not used to manufacture the main components of guns. They are too brittle and very expensive usually but the stainless alloys used in guns have good corrosion resistant properties.If you dont clean and oil protect you firearms they will corrode regardless of finish. All my guns are blue including my 40 year old Crossman 760 Giant Killer BB gun and I have no corrosion problems with any of them.Stainless look great but will not prevent corrosion if not maintained so

Free 1 on 1 chat with sex by Swarm 19 Mar 2014 901 amThis is one of those conversations where all sorts of technical and metallurgical reasons why one is better or worse than the other get tossed around an nothing gets decided e.g.I believe stainless is heavier than Chrome Moly which some people argue makes it more rigid due to the density and so more accurate.Chrome Moly is harder though so wears slower apparently which means barrel life and accuracy drop off is slower.On paper Ok. In practice I dont know that either of them make a difference.Sako 75 Hunter IV 6.5x55 SE with Leupold VX3L 4.514x50mmCZ 455 .22LR with Leupold VXR 39x40mm CDSWinchester 88 .284 Winchester

Milf chat free and no email Barrel vs. Blued BarrelIm looking at getting a new rifle and am trying to decide between a stainless barrel and a blued barrel. My .3030 has a blued barrel and Ive not had any major issues with corrosion as of yet. However in retrospect its only ever been used on relatively dry fall days. My next rifle is going to be a winter inclement weather rifle with a synthetic stock. I live in eastern xmlnamespace prefix st1 ns urnschemasmicrosoftcomCanadast1countryregion and the weather can be quite severe at times especially in winter. All you st1State wstonST1MaineST1la st1State folks can attest to that Is there really a marked difference in the corrosion resistance of a stainless barrel versus a blued barrel which is regularly cleaned and oiled What if any are some of the downsides of stainless barrels Are they stronger than blued barrels If it was chambered in .220 swift for example would a blued barrel wear out faster than a stainless barrel

Freelatinawebcam sexlive chat This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Oct 5 2012How To Choose A Rifle Pt.3 of 3 Stainless vs. Carbon SteelBlued Barrel. While at the Remington Headquarters in Madison N.C. we discuss the difference between choosing stainless or carbon steel blued barrels. Watch Parts 1 and 2 of How To Choose A Rifle Category

Free online arabic sex tv Mini 14 blued versus stainlessOK what are the real tradeoffs as between blue and stainless Minis Forgetting looks is there a difference in how they shoot Is there a difference in corrosion I have had a blued 1982 blued Mini forever since 1982 when Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and just bought my son and I a pair of Mini 14 Ranch Rifles one blued and one stainless.For those who claim corrosion is an issue with the blued my Blued Mini stayed in my gun safe with zero maintenance for an 11 year stretch during which it was never fired and it received no attention whatever. My home is right on the salt water in an ocean harbor. Amount of corrosion to the Mini 14 Zero.Both my Ranch Rifles are so new that it is too early to say whether one groups better than the other. You hear different things about this.The blued gun is around 50 cheaper around here and comes with a lovely wood stockSo what are the real tradeoff experts Or are there any besides aestheticsSlavery is not Freedom. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently

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Tinder or grindr Thompson Center Barrel Comments Off Thompson Center Encore 300 Win Mag 26 inch Stainless Barrel. Barrel is in excellent condition and comes with the Stainless Base pictured. The item TC Thompson Center Encore 300 Win Mag 26 Stainless Steel Barrel is in sale since Monday June 18 2018. This item is in the category Sporting GoodsHuntingGun PartsShotgun. The seller is nuckolsgun1801 and is located in Staunton Virginia. This item can be shipped to United States.For Gun Make Encore Comments OffBarrels are SS picture is a stock photo. Marty With all the craze over the straight wall cartridges HausofArms has partnered with MGM Match Grade Machine in Utah and has done a special batch of these barrels to fill that need. These are Stainless barrels 24 long heavy contour chambered in 3030 Winchester with a 1 in 22 twist and 5R rifling. Plenty of time to get ready for your fall hunts. We have just a few of these for sale by HausofArms

Create a snapchat filter free Bluing steelits sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. September 2014Bluing is a passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust and is named after the blueblack appearance of the resulting protective finish. True gun bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating resulting from an oxidizing chemical reaction with iron on the surface selectively forming magnetite Fe3O4 the black oxide of iron. Black oxide provides minimal protection against corrosion unless also treated with a waterdisplacing oil to reduce wetting and galvanic action. A distinction can be made between traditional bluing and some other more modern black oxide coatings although bluing is a subset of black oxide coatings.2O3 undergoes an extremely large volume change upon hydration as a res

Egyupt sexxxx cam Ill agree with pretty much everything stated already though. Something Ill add. And its not something Ive experienced personally but apparently SS barrels and bore more importantly are capable of having a smoother more polished surface due to the quality and structure of the metal at the molecular level. Its said because of this reason that most match grade barrels are SS to provide slightly better potential for accuracy and less fouling buildup. As Ive said Im not an expert in metals and Im not sure how true this is. They may have been comparing 4140 steel to 4150 or something the harder steel being better giving it the advantage. Ive also been told that SS is harder than blued steel because there is more chromium in the alloy. I had always experienced the opposite with my cutting tools for my job. They use spring steel in the tools I am talking about and the high carbon non stainless tools are able to be sharpened sharper their edge stays longer and the blade is less prone to knicks compared to the SS blades. I am fairly certain that this is a different allo


How to save tinder photos just now The stainless is more weather resistant but it must have some sort of camouflage put on it when hunting to keep it from reflecting light and spooking the game that you are hunting. Blued barrels do not spook animals but care must be taken with them to prevent rust. They are not that hard to take care of. Just wipe them down with a rag with a llittle bit of gun oil on it. I personally like to use Renaissance wax on the outside of my guns. it is a monocrystalline wax that is used by many museums to keep their metal displays from rusting or corroding. It is available from many fine furniture stores. it is a bit expensive but you need so little that a jar will last you for years. Thumbs up

Free 3some sex chat STAINLESSSTEEL HOT CAUSTIC BLUEINGThere are at least two formulas available to hot blue stainless steel. I use DuLite 30 salts. The process is harder to use than regular salts takes more tanks temperature is more critical and is generally tougher all around. The results are the same as regular hot blueing.Just like blueing carbon steel stainless blueing is a stain and does not add dimension to the metal. There is some passification whatever that is so the results are not a tremendously high gloss more like the factory finish on most guns. To find out if your gun is stainless steel put a magnet on it. There should be some pull but not as much as carbon steel. So if youre tired of spooking game with your shiny stainless steel gun or if youre in law enforcement and dont want to look like a perp stainless steel blueing is for you. STAINLESS STEEL RIFLE BARRELS 150.00STAINLESS STEEL RIFLES COMPLETE 310.00STAINLESS STEEL HANDGUNS 270.00

Live 3xxx porn moon cams com Best Answer I do a LOT of squirrel and rabbit hunting in the rain. I use a Ruger 1022 All Weather and a Savage Mark II FSS in stainless with synthetic stock quite a bit. If the weather is decent Ill take my Winchester 310 .22 single shot rifle. The stainless is more corrosion resistant and I prefer not getting a nice walnut stock wet or carrying it through the brush scratching it. I clean all my guns right after use too but it always feels better to me to get a synthetic stock wet or have briars going over it than a nice woodblued gun. Ive always liked the looks of the all weather guns too. My Grandfather was the opposite he didnt like them a bit. He was strictly a woodblued steel kind of guy. It was really the only thing we disagreed on gunwise. Also without as much wear on a synthetic stock as opposed to wood and stainless as opposed to blued steel the resale value will tend to stay higher on an all weather gun than its woodblued twin through the years. So I wouldnt say theyre better but if youre in lousy weather or areas where your gun is subjected to a lot of brush or getting knocked around an all weather gun might be a good choice. By the way I DO like the looks of a good wood stocked blued steel gun too. Sources

Jetdollcams Re Stainless vs. Blued I asked that same question to the people at Krieger and PacNor.....not a whole lot according to them...other than rust RESISTANCE some believe that stainless is easier to machine than chromemoly i think it39s that way might be reversed and iv39e read that it39s not great to use a SS barrel in sub zero temps.. but Sinman and Jim from northland and Fred from SSS can probably say if i have my facts wrong....I hunted elk this past January with a SS 300 RUM at 8 degrees and had no problem.....can39t blame the miss on it.....rsbhunter