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Live sex text chat with aunties RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 Episode 6 Power Rankings The Show Has a MeToo MomentKyle MunzenriederMoreAt the very beginning of RuPauls Drag Race the gist of the show was that the girls would compete in challenges directly inspired by things RuPaul herself had actually done in her own career. And though the show has never quite lost that idea its certainly stretched it to the limits. While they may have made for good TV several challenges in later seasons havent really resembled much of what Ru or any drag queen has done in the real world see last seasons cheer challenge that only served to send Eureka to the hospital. At the same time however an entire cottage industry has grown around Drag Race. Contestants have so many postshow career opportunities open to them now and it only makes sense that these new avenues should serve as challenge inspiration.Weve long hoped for a chal

Purple flowers with a bumble bee home boards overboard help catalog rss girly Girly Fetishism Feminization Drag files to upload or click here to select them Spoiler Max files 3 Max message length 4096 Check dev if youre confused about the layout. Also please clear your cookies and browser cache If not you may still see cached pages from the previous software.Anonymous 04142012 Sat 061252 No.2431ReplyA Caption Dump sticky would be nice.3036 posts and 2194 images omitted.sissychan 04162018 Mon 164247 No.32208yea the tit boy thing might not be my thing. but it sure is under supported. id be willing to contribute every once in a whileAnonymous 04162018 Mon 225059 No.32209Feel free at trying your own hand at writing a GtB captionThese latest captions are awesome. Thanks for posting.Anonymous 04282018 Sat 155140 No.32222 Obligatory Rules Sticky kingADVRC 02262012 Sun 111108 No.1ReplyWelcome to girly Girly Fetishism and FeminizationThis board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.Dickgirls belong in di.Requests belong in r or within an existing thread so long as its relevant.Absloutely NO underage under 18 years old.This is a trial board and will remain around if it stays active.If you have any questions feel free to catch us on IRC.UPDATE This board is here to stay. Congrats girliesClover 02262012 Sun 165736 No.1149Clarification Dickgirls can go in here if its keeping with the topic. Captions for instance. Help with my sissy neighbor le

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