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Snapchat frog filter Breitbart TVThursday at a Manhattan Church New York Democratic gubernatorial candidateand former Sex and the Citystar Cynthia Nixon DNY said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE is a terrorist organization. Nixon said ICE has strayed so far away from its mission.22 Jun 2018 236 PM PDTIn a preview clip fromCNNs The Axe Files that airs SaturdaySen. Marco Rubio RFL said it was not wise for President Donald Trump to cast the majority of immigrants as criminals. Partial transcript as follows AXELROD The president has depicted22 Jun 2018 120 PM PDT22 Jun 2018 1233 PM PDTFriday on the floor of the House of Representatives Rep. Ted Lieu DCA played audio of crying immigrant children who were separated from their families despite being instructed to stop. Lieu said If the Statue of Liberty could cry she22 Jun 2018 1156 AM PDTFriday on ABCs The View guest cohost and CNN contributorAna Navarro said first lady Melania Trump was trying to selfdeport from the White House. During a debate over Melanias I REALLY DONT CARE DO U jacket she wore on her22 Jun 2018 942 AM PDTIn reaction toNBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale receiving backlashon Twitter from media members and other users for attending a President Donald Trump rally in Minnesota Wednesday. Whitlock said Twitter is the headquarters for leftwing insanity and called it headquarters22 Jun 2018 919 AM PDTFriday on Fox News

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