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Free adult chat phoenix Suit to let researchers break website rules wins a roundPhoto Thomas M. ScheerEyeEm via Getty ImagesAnyone following Facebooks recent woes with Cambridge Analytica might be surprised to hear that theres a civil liberties argument for swiping data from websites even while violating their terms of service. In fact theres a whole world of situations where that thinking could apply bona fide academic research.Whats new On Friday a judge in a D.C. federal court ruled that an American Civil Liberties Unionbacked case trying to guarantee researchers the ability to break sites rules without being arrested could move forward denying a federal motion to dismiss.What were talking about here is research in the public interest finding out if there is discrimination Esha Bhandari an ACLU attorney representing the academics told Axios.The details A handful of researchers and First Look Media which operates The Intercept and other sites would like to use bots and create dummy accounts to test the behavior of employment and real estate websites.The researchers are studying whether machinelearning algorithms on employment and real estate websites might have developed gender or racial bias. To do that they would set up multiple similar accounts changing only minority or gender status betw

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Bumble bee name origin Updated 17 January 2018 Been hopping off and on Grindr for several months now since early Spring of 2017. Every time I download and use this app is just one more reminder of why I got rid of it in the first place. It reinforces the stereotype that were all sexhungry savage druginfested maniacs who basically hate each others guts. For a community that has long been vilified and discriminated against you would think we could find some common ground and display more couth and kindness towards one another. Boy was I dumb. Half the profiles are either fake or bots stupid advertisements and popups plenty of people simply ignore you all together if you happen to be among the over 40 crowd. Good luck finding someone decent to click with. This app appears to be a magnet for guys who are full of themselves creepy major closet cases discrete married men sneaking around on their wives messed up on drugs meth has made a major comeback in our community and others who seem to have emotional hangups or carrying excess baggage and drama from past relationships while

El paso sex chat online Security Flaws Identified For Dating App Grindr Trever Faden discovered two security flaws that exposed a users exact location and independent cyber researchers confirmed the vulnerabilities. Vdovichenko Denis Shutterstock Trever Faden discovered two security flaws that exposed a users exact location and independent cyber researchers confirmed the vulnerabilities.Popular gay dating app Grindr was reported to have two major security flaws for its platform. According to an NBC News report published Wednesday the security issues can expose private information of its 3 million users.The security vulnerability can make available to others the exact location of people who opted out of sharing such sensitive information per cybersecurity experts.The security flaw was discovered by Atlas Lane CEO Trever Faden. The company is a startup and specializes in property management. He identified the issue after creating a website called Ckblocked.His website allowed users to see who blocked them on Grindr after they entered their Grindr username and password. Once they did so Faden was able to gain access to a trove of user data that is not publicly available on user profiles including unread messages email addresses deleted photos and the location data of usersAlso Faden has experimented with another website and exploited a very similar security loophole. The above report confirms the security weakness

Chicagoland milf TowleroadCommentsA petition is calling for reporter Nico Hines and The Daily Beast to have their press credentials for covering the Rio Olympics revoked following a report filed by Hines for the Beast in which Hines effectively outed gay Olympians from antigay countries.ICYMI As of this posting the petition has 416 signatures needingonly 84 more to reach its goal.RELATED Petition creator Josh Price writesNico Hines and The Daily Beast showed a severe lack of judgement when they decided it would be funny to gawk and laugh at gay people on dating apps. The result of their lack of concern for gay peoples sic lives put gay Olympians in very real and serious danger by outing them. The Daily Beast doubled down on their article and insisted they were not in the wrong. Eventually The Daily Beast offered a non apology until it was finally forced to offer an apology due to the sheer outrage of tens of thousands of people.He adds Outing gay Olympians from Countries where they can suffer physical injuries abuse jailand even death for being gay is not journalism.If so inclined youcan sign the petition here.

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Cute norwegian girl on omegle Actually Grindr is Fine FUD and Security ReportingRapid7 BlogPOST STATS On Wednesday March 28 NBC reported Grindr security flaws expose users location data a story which ticks a couple hotbutton topics for security professionals and security reporters alike. Its centered around the salacious topic of online dating in the LGBT community and hits a personal safety concern for people using the app everywhere not to mention the possibility of outing LGBT people in regions where being gay bisexual or trans is illegal or dangerous.Unfortunately this story is guilty of some of the worst kind of FUD fear uncertainty and doubt that still happens when some journalists cover our industry. I am here to tell you dear Grindr user there is nothing going on at Grindr that is unreasonably exposing your location data. In this case the angel is in the details.Whats Not A VulnUltimately when you read the the NBC story you can see where this reporting shifts from news to FUDHis website allowed users to see who blocked them on Grindr after they entered their Grindr username and password. Once they di

Free webcam one on one private 11 months ago by illicitousHi guys last week I made a random Grindr account with a random email and now the app is asking me to only log in with that email which Ive forgotten. Is there a way to get around thisIve tried reinstalling but it still leads to the same credentials changed option with no way around it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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